Improving the understanding of device performance

We can provide healthcare professionals with our latest findings from our extensive analysis of explanted joint replacements

Taper junctions

We can provide you with information on the taper geometries and surface finishes of commonly used femoral stem tapers along with the corresponding values for the femoral heads. This will help you in your management of patients with hips in situ, or guide you in planning future surgery.

Bearing surfaces

We routinely analyse the bearing surfaces of explants that reach us. This allows us to identify any issues of concern with regard to unexpected patterns of wear or responses to variation in component orientation.

Genetic research

We are currently carrying out a large genetic study on the development of adverse reactions to metal implants. We have already identified a group of genes which may put patients at increased risk of development of soft tissue reactions. Get in touch if you have patients of concern or would like to be involved in ongoing research.

Blood metal ion concentrations

We have extensive research experience in this area. We can provide guidance on the interpretation of metal ion results and their relation to wear and soft tissue reactions.

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