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Trusted, independent investigators

ExplantLab is a fully independent research organisation focused on improving the performance of medical implants to improve the lives of patients


What we do

ExplantLab combines extensive surgical, bioengineering and medical knowledge to understand the performance of medical implants that have been removed from the body (explants).
We do this to improve the performance of future medical devices and to protect patients from defective devices currently in use. We have a strong track record and have published over 40 scientific papers.
We are an independent company with no contracts with manufacturers - something that marks us as unique in the United Kingdom.  

Understanding implant performance

At ExplantLab, we use advanced technology to reverse engineer explants in order to accurately determine their original shape. By comparing the reconstructed, original surfaces with the shape they are after removal, we can calculate how much material has been removed while in the body. This process allows us to map wear patterns and relate them to various design, patient and surgical factors.

Protecting patients and improving devices

By combining the knowledge derived from the examination of explants, ExplantLab can determine how and why those devices have performed well or poorly. This allows us to determine whether or not pre-market testing of devices is sufficiently appropriate and safe.


British Hip Society

Bone and Joint Journal Best Translational Research

Awarded BJJ Translational Research Prize at the British Hip Society Annual Meeting for the presentation “Is there a genetic predisposition to ALVAL?”

British Orthopaedic Association

Best of the Best

Award for the presentation entitled “Adverse Reactions to Metal Debris”

British Hip Society

McKee Prize

Award for the presentation “ Blood metal ion concentrations post hip resurfacing arthroplasty: a comparison study of the articular surface replacement and Birmingham hip resurfacing devices.”

Bone and Joint Research Journal

Most Cited Paper

Since the first issue of this web based, open access journal, our paper “Taper junction failure in large diameter metal on metal hip arthroplasty” has received the largest number of citations in the scientific literature.

Affiliated Practitioners

David Langton

Director of ExplantLab

Mr. Steve Green

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sunderland. NRR Affiliate.

Mr. Daniel Dowen

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Sunderland. NRR Affiliate.

Mr. David Townshend

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, North Tyneside General Hospital. NRR Affiliate.

Mr. Raghavendra Sidaginamale

Orthopaedic Fellow. NRR Affiliate.

Professor Tom Joyce

Professor of Orthopaedic Engineering, Newcastle University. NRR Affiliate.

Research Collaborators

National Health Service (NHS) of the
United Kingdom

Newcastle University, United Kingdom

Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) of the United States of America

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