The UK’s largest independent medical implant retrieval unit

We combine advanced engineering analysis, cutting edge genetic technology and AI to improve implant performance

ExplantLab is a unique, independent research organisation exploring the links between patient genetics and the design, manufacture and performance of medical devices


Device Performance

Information on wear rates and the notable design features of products we have examined.


Explant Analysis

We collect explants and provide bespoke reports. These can be generated in 24 hours for inclusion in medical notes.


Patient Requests

Keep the explant safe.  We can send out a retrieval pack or instructions for sending to us directly.

Send us an explant

Upcoming Surgery

If you're listed to have your joint replacement removed, send your explants to us instead of your surgeon just disposing of them. They are full of important information that we can use to carry out crucial research.


Post Surgery

Have you recently had a medical device removed from your body? You may have the explants, or your hospital may have stored them. If you would like us to examine them, ask your hospital to send them to us.

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