patient centered tools that support established care pathways.

An evolution in orthopaedics

We are an orthogenomic biotech company providing patient specific tests to help eliminate the failure of orthopaedic implants

The missing building block in orthopaedic care

As the largest independent retrieval unit in Europe, we have provided analysis for explanted joints for over 14 years. The knowledge we have amassed has allowed us to develop Orthotype – a patented, first in class genetic test that predicts the risk of implant failure in specific patients.

We use state of the art equipment and consolidate our expertise to develop tools for healthcare professionals with the health and wellbeing of the patient at the centre of all we do.

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Providing support for patients and healthcare professionals with Orthotype, both in the pre-operative setting and at long term follow up

Harnessing the link between genetics and engineering, we’re advancing towards a future where matching an individual patient to their optimal implant is routine. We are extending established care pathways and helping professionals make more informed decisions to improve patient outcomes.

This personalised process  reduces the likelihood of chronic pain and revision surgery, benefitting not only the patient but the healthcare system as a whole.

Orthotype Gene Sequencing
Next generation DNA sequencing
Predicting the risk of post surgery complications
We've developed pre-emptive testing to provide the earliest warning signs of future issues to advance orthopaedic care pre and post-surgery.
of patients complain of chronic pain post op* view study
* up to the percentage value

Explant analysis - using bespoke, peer reviewed and published methodology with cutting edge technologies

We provide a comprehensive yet straightforward report on explants direct to hospitals or patients, usually delivered within 24 hours for inclusion in medical notes. From single analysis to large revision units, we use a combination of processes to determine the reason for failure.

These results are used towards care pathways to improve and develop future implant performance, ensuring procedures are efficient, regulatory obligations are met as well as reducing the overall cost of care in the long term.

Ortho Analysis

Bringing specialities together to produce tangible results

How the technology works

Our technology is second to none, with state of the art machinery only available in a handful of labs in the world.

We're proud to innovate and intersect multiple top level specialities. Focussing on eliminating the failure of orthopaedic implants whether that's through pre-emptive diagnostic tools or working together with surgeons and manufacturers to improve device standards through the sharing of knowledge.

Older woman post implant surgury.
Our services support the shared goal of providing patients with the best quality of life post surgery.

Taking steps to reduce the chances of implant failure and avoid higher risk revision procedures, with a scientific test that can evaluate a patient's potential to develop a hypersensitivity response.
risk that younger patients will require revision surgery*
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* up to the percentage value

Providing orthopaedic professionals with the missing part of the process

We help to create a complete patient picture to guide optimal implant selection, based on peer reviewed, published methods and evidence based research.

Providing an extra layer of confidence around the decisions orthopaedic surgeons make on a daily basis, in order to reach the patients best outcome. Our tests and analysis are designed to help at any point of a patients implant journey, to pre-empt possible issues pre surgery or increase the chances of revision surgery being successful.

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