Technology & Innovation

Pushing progress through
cross-specialty collaboration

We operate in the space where medicine and engineering converge

We're the only lab in the world using a wide range of scientific disciplines to develop advanced diagnostic tools to benefit orthopaedics. And while we pride ourselves on our technology, we are constantly striving to be better and achieve more.

Behind the tech

On-site, we have two coordinate measuring machines (Mitutoyo Legex and Strato). Together, they offer an unrivalled level of accuracy, unmatched by any other biomedical laboratory. 

These CMMs carry out automated scanning protocols and generate data that can be interpreted by bespoke algorithms augmented with machine learning technology. 

We also use state-of-the-art technology to accurately calculate the wear of explanted prostheses, which can
then be compared to tissue biopsies examination reports
to determine which patients respond poorly to different  implant materials.


Understanding the interaction between the immune system
and the implant

This is fundamental to what we do. We decided early on to go our own way, seek our answers and develop our own technology.

By freeing ourselves from manufacturer contracts we are free to investigate failed explants and their impact on patients, as well as being able to share our crucial scientific discoveries.

As pioneers in our field, our sole aim is to provide you with the best diagnostic tools and improve the outcome and longevity of joint replacement in your patients.

Ortho Analysis