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We use our bespoke, peer-reviewed and published methodology to analyse explanted devices using state of the art technology

Are you awaiting surgery to have a joint replacement removed (revision surgery)?

Ask your surgeon if his/her hospital participates in the Northern Retrieval Registry. If this is the case, if you give your consent to your healthcare team, the explants will reach us automatically.

Your data can help other patients

If your hospital does not participate in the Northern Retrieval Registry, ask one of your surgical carers to contact us to send us the removed implant(s) (explant(s)). If you consent to allow us to use your anonymised data for research, we can analyse your explants free of charge. Presently, we do have to charge a fee for the collection, however, as we are not funded by the NHS.

Hip, knee and ankle joint analysis

We measure explants to see how much they have worn – i.e. how much material has been lost.

  1. The total amount – “volumetric wear” – which is measured in mm³.
  2. The maximum wear depth, which is the single point on the implant which has worn the most. This is measured in millimetres or microns.

If the duration of implantation is known, this allows us to calculate an average wear rate. This value will tell us if the product has undergone excessive wear while in your body.

Just as important as the amount of wear is the distribution of the wear. Medical implants are designed to wear on certain parts of the components. We perform wear mapping as a routine part of our analysis. When we identify wear in unexpected areas this can lead us to suspect there were issues with the product design or manufacture. The position that the components were implanted by the surgeon can also influence the rate and distribution of wear. For this reason, it is preferable that we can perform analysis of any available x ray images.

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